The shadow Winston Churchill cast over his family was legendary—even intimidating, especially for his great-grandson. The more Jonathan Sandys researched his great-grandfather’s life, the more he realized that the public story was incomplete. What are we to make of Churchill’s seeming sense of divine destiny—evident as early as his teenage years? What did he believe about God? Were his references to deity and Christianity merely political platitudes, or is it possible that they went deeper than that? And what role did Churchill’s spiritual beliefs play in his leadership on the world stage, especially during the Second World War?

Jonathan Sandys and Wallace Henley offer both a fascinating spiritual biography and a new perspective on the personal, political, and spiritual path of one of the twentieth century’s greatest men—as well as lessons from Churchill’s life that illuminate our understanding of the world today.


Jonathan Sandys is a great-grandson of Sir Winston Churchill and is an international public speaker on Churchill’s life, times and leadership skills. He has spoken before organizations such as NASA as well as at universities and businesses. He lives in Houston with his wife, Sara, and their son, Jesse.

Wallace Henley is a prolific author who has served as a White House and congressional aide. An award-winning journalist, he is currently a columnist for the Christian Post. He serves at Second Baptist Church in Houston.

  • A fascinating and well-argued book that adds a vital, missing component to understanding Churchill. I was not only convinced but delighted at the realism and relevance of their portrayal of Churchill. He emerges as anything but ardently religious, but he was more personally aware of his destiny and more biblically literate and attuned to the Christian worldview and Christian civilization than many Christians today.

    OS GUINNESS, Author of A Free People’s Suicide
  • I have known four generations of the Churchill family. Jonathan Sandys has both the vision and the voice to carry forth the legacy of his great-grandfather and is well worthy to offer this account of Churchill’s life and faith. God and Churchill has earned a place next to the greatest of books ever written on the master statesman.

    JAMES C. HUMES, Author and former presidential speechwriter
  • What a wonderfully enthusiastic book, written with the insights of a great-grandson of Winston Churchill who understands his great ancestor in unique and special ways. Jonathan grasps the spiritual dimensions of Churchill’s life and the struggle against the pure evil of Nazi tyranny. This is a book for Christians as well as for Churchill enthusiasts.

    DR. CHRISTOPHER CATHERWOOD, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Churchill Archives By-Fellow emeritus, historian of twentieth-century history, and evangelical writer
  • A graphic portrayal of the life and legacy of Winston Churchill, with emphasis on his guiding belief in divine providence. Long before “the clash of civilizations” had become a common term, Churchill knew what it meant and spent his life defending the civilization so decisively shaped by the Christian faith. A fascinating study!

    TIMOTHY GEORGE, Founding dean of Beeson Divinity School at Samford University and general editor of the Reformation Commentary on Scripture
  • I cannot imagine anyone better suited to tell the story of God’s work in the life and times of Churchill than Churchill’s own flesh and blood. Jonathan Sandys brings an unparalleled vibrancy and perspective on the great man and his times. He and Wallace Henley have artfully woven together the best-known and most obscure pieces of history to present the beautiful and compelling tapestry that is God and Churchill. An absolute must-read.

    JOANNE KING HERRING, International diplomat, author, and president/CEO of the Marshall Plan Charities
  • At last we have a detailed presentation not only of Churchill’s legendary exploits but also of the inner dynamic that compelled him with a vision for “Christian civilization” and an iron will to defend it at all costs. Sandys and Henley, to use a Churchillian idea, have brought the inspiration and lessons of the past into our present for the sake of the future. This is a must-read for our critical times.

    ED YOUNG, Senior pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston
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